Leadership & Business Coach, Jerry Tuisl

Maximizing individual or team performance starts at the top.

I cultivate hands-on, authentic solutions for growth-minded dental practice owners and entrepreneurs.


Is this you?

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You struggle on how to set proper expectations and hold your team accountable to their job duties.

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You want guidance in establishing measurable, actionable objectives to fulfill your long-term personal and professional goals.


You’re unsure how to construct a framework to create and sustain long-term results for your practice.

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You’re anxious to improve team culture and communication but don’t know the best method to make and deliver changes.

What We Offer

Embarking on personal and professional transformation can feel unfamiliar and intimidating.


I guide clients in establishing and pursuing a vision for their business by breaking belief barriers and providing structure to help them along their journey of building new behaviors and competencies. We will accomplish this together through leadership guidance, adopting culture best practices and implementation of sustainable systems.

I meet you where you are, we tackle your challenges together.

Services Include 1-on-1 Coaching and Mastermind


Turn your business from reactive to proactive when it comes to acquiring new clients.

Learn to prioritize the most critical areas of your business so you make progress toward your goals, every week.

Adopt proven systems, including a layer of accountability in your business to help you sustain change.

Strategize with someone who will help you reverse engineer your Vision.


Developing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Creating a Practice Vision

Leadership Habits

Professional Time Management

Developing the Ideal Practice Culture

Problem Solving and Taking Action

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About Top Dog

I work with professionals and entrepreneurs, to reframe challenges and explore possibilities. Together, we will identify strategic opportunities to bring you more business. I coach leaders to pursue – and achieve – purposeful improvement and sustainable results for themselves and their team. I believe in building a culture of problem solvers and honing individual skills to improve team performance.

What’s in a name?

Top Dog is all about being – and bringing – your best, every single day. Beyond being the best in your industry or market, being your best means having the right perspective, mindset, and business swagger. I help you show up as the best version of YOU, leading to a positive ripple effect elevating your team members and partners to greater success. And in case you were wondering… yes, I do love dogs here at Top Dog!

Jerry helped me with my focus from call to call. This kept me on track with my goals and revenue. In addition, Jerry has helped with my own personal schedule and prioritization.

Dr. Sampat
Ambler, PA

Jerry has a skill for diagnosis. For me he had real insight and honest suggestions where I could improve relationships and processes in my business. I highly recommend him as a business coach.

Dr. Barnes
Bellevue, WA

I have owned 7 businesses in my life. What Jerry has given me is perspective and objectivity to help me get better results than I would have without his help. I highly value having an external resource like Jerry.

Doug Peterson
Bellevue, WA


Jerry Tuisl combines his MBA expertise, 25+ years in personal development, management and sales as well as thousands of hours of coaching experience to lead others to success. As a professional, he meets you where you are to tackle your business challenges together. His proven approach, C.O.R.E., clarifies your unique business vision, developing the culture you want while impacting profitability.

Culture – Vision and Mission, Talent Development

Operations – Systems and Process Improvement

Reinvention – Managing Change and Tracking Improvement

Execution – Mindset, Prioritization and Performance

Areas of Special Interest


  • Effectively managing time commitments and determining growth areas by defining and establishing systems.
  • Knowing, understanding, and developing your key metrics for greater consistency.
  • Increasing consistency through skill-building, focus, and accountability.


  • Elevating business performance through the development of stakeholders, networks, and internal leaders.
  • Maximizing individual team member performance based on strengths.
  • Improving communication approaches.


  • Developing the habit of self-improvement: as goes the leader, so goes the team.
  • Improving processes related to the full hiring and onboarding cycle.
  • Creating an organizational culture of service.

Our Clients Include: