I meet you where you are, and we tackle your challenges together. My services include 1:1 Coaching, Mastermind, as well as Sales and Business Consultation.

Sales and Business Consultation

Initially, a complimentary service to discuss your current goals and challenges, used to determine if coaching with Jerry is a fit for both parties.

Consider all your options from someone not emotionally tied to the outcome. Get help on key decisions that are keeping you from moving your business forward.

Learn a simple method to reverse engineer your sales process.

1-1 Coaching

Gain perspective and view your progress and goals through a different lens.

Work together to identify blind spots and and implement strategies for improvement.

Design a sustainable approach to use your own strengths to leverage your growth through challenges.

Adopt proven systems and add a layer of accountability in your business to help you sustain change.


Work collaboratively to observe how others approach problem-solving, learn from their perspectives, and share resource ideas.

Excellent option to understand the foundational areas that will help you begin to put your business on the right track.

Work with a group from the same organization, or join a group of diverse business leaders, to broaden your perspective.

My Approach

My approach will initially focus on helping you establish a foundation that everything else we do together will build upon: Your Mindset which includes your personal and business core values. Your Business Culture: this involves your communication and expectations and how well your team adopts and implements the strategies set forth. Your Systems: saving time putting systems to work that are sustainable and simple to follow.


We will work collaboratively to make sure you show up every day with focus, grit and enthusiasm. This approach will help you create a Mindset focused on maximizing your performance.

Business Culture

Your Culture will make or break you. Find ways to create momentum by connecting with your team better and taking the lead on your own leadership journey.


Strong leaders rely on systems to maximize efficiency within their business. We work to implement simple systems to help you leverage your time.


Since working with Jerry, my team looks at me differently now-bigger decisions and visions come from me, but now I’m not as involved in the day to day details that used to bog down my day.

Dr. Wasson
Brentwood, MO